The Emulator Page.

OK people, now you have seen the Vic piccys and the vast .tap collection I have, how about actually trying a few of them out with some emulators. These versions should be the latest ones from the current homepages of the emulators authors.

V.I.C.E is a Commodore emulator that emulates most commodore machines eg. C64, Vic20, C128, C16, Pet etc. here to download VICE From the VICE Homepage. Once you have done this get some Vic20 .tap files from my Vic 20 software collection.

Power20 is a Vic 20 emulator for the Powermackintosh so if you have a Mac then go here for this great Emulator.


Links to software for the above emulators.



You will find the largest collection of Vic 20 .tap files for use in VICE ( see link above ) right here on these pages go here to view all the old tape inlay scans and download loads of .tap files to recreate your Vic on your PC.

Heres a few Vic sites, one of the better ones with screen shots is Linus Vic 20 page

The King of all Vic Info Ward shrake`s pages. is here, they have links to about everything you could want to know about the vic.

And finally for the Vic, one of the largest archive's for vic software is archives.


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