Below are some links to some places that you can get FREE ( PD ) and/or SHAREWARE from.

Tucows."Great software archive with a ratings system so you don`t download shite!"

CICA."Good Win95 site plenty to download here"

No Nag`s. "All your freeware and shareware need`s fulfilled here"

BHS 32 Bit Download Center. "Another all inclusive shareware site"

Below are a few sites with interesting downloads like tweaks and useful utils .

LockerGnome. "Interesting site where you can subscribe to a news letter and recieve it via email lots of useful utils described and available for download."

Registry Secrets. "Great site for tips and tricks here."

Support Tech Home. "Great Place for win95/98 updates etc."

Some search engines to try.

Altavista. "The best search engine."

Excite. "Quite good."

Infoseek. "Yet another search engine."

Lycos UK. "UK based search engine."

Yahoo UK. "Another UK based search engine."

If you would like a link to you're site mentioned here, mail me with a description and the Url and I'll see what I can do.

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