BBC Model B. Ahh those old school days nice machine and I also have a few books ( not from my school days honest. :¬) Click here for a piccy
CBM Vic 20.

The first Machine I ever had ! great little machine and still good for a good old blast at "Gridrunner" and the classic platform game "Perils Of Willy". I also have a strange PCB called a "Maplin Vic 20 Voice PCB" anyone have any info on this ? Also here are some " Scans Of Vic Tape Covers" from some of the Vic software I own. Many of these tapes have now been converted to .tap format for the VICE Emulator to use, so look at the scans and download the .tap's. These will be added to as and when I get more software so if anyone has any Vic software up for grabs give me a bell I can collect from anywhere in the country :¬). Click here for views of my Vic machines.

Click here for a piccy

CBM 64. Got old ones through to the newer 64C all boxed, and a couple of nice  drives too. Click here for a piccy
CBM 128. A nice boxed example the machine that came out just before the Amiga range, I also picked up a 1570 drive with this one. This machine is great as in its easy to use and has C64 compatability. Click here for a piccy
CBM Plus 4. Boxed presentation pack all working and looking great.  Click here for a piccy
Memotech MTX512. A memotech ! lovely metal case. :¬) Click here for a piccy
Atari 800XL. Atari machines galore here. :) Click here for a piccy
Atari 600XL. More Atari machines.  Click here for a piccy
Atari 65XE. Atari overload I am gonna have to put a list of software I  have for these dammed Atari things up here one day. Click here for a piccy
Atari 2600 Jnr. This little beauty is just the same as the above( plays Atari 2600 carts ) but the console guardian angel came down and said " jees boy ya don`t wanna look like yer grandpappy do ya", thats why its in a slinky new shiny box and its slimmed down somewhat as well. Click here for a piccy
Binatone TV Master MK6. Boxed and still works after all these years playing pong and that terrible shooting game. Click here for a piccy
Toshiba MSX. What more can one say... a MSX. I have yet to find any female owners of this machine called Emma ;¬) Click here for a piccy
Amstrad CPC 6128 Much the same as the 464 but with more memory and a built in 3ins disc drive. Alas this is unboxed. Click here for a piccy
Amstrad CPC 464. Lurrvely little machine with a built in tape deck and multi coloured keyboard. Click here for a piccy
Amstrad PC1512. Yuk spewwy little pc thing.... hmm need I say more ? No piccy yet.
Acetronic TV Game. Never even heard of these things untill I saw one at the lying at the foot of a paste table at the local car boot sale. All working and boxed like new even has a light gun ! Click here for a piccy
Prinztronic Tournament II Delux TV Game This a another little marvel of vintage video game history, I thought all of those TV game pong type thingy`s came with a gun included for playing the target games with, but obviously not as I picked this nice boxed example up with the "Optional Extra Gun" still boxed and in great nick as well. Click here for a piccy.
Interton Electronic VC4000. Never seen one of these these things before, manufactured in 1978 and still in great shape. Got a few boxed games for this little monster as well. The games themselves come in a cart format and there can be many variations of the same game on each one. Click here for a piccy
Nintendo`s NES. Not alot to be said about this one common as muck but aged well :). Its a boxed "Action Set" in really good condition, alas it is missing the light gun and the original game cart containing "Super Mario Bros" & "Duck Hunt". Anyone got spares going I know a good home. Click here for a piccy

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