The Thanks Page.

I hope to be able to add lots of names to this list and keep all that old Vic software from demise. If you want your name added below just send me a Vic20 title that does not appear on the main vic scans and .tap's page.

Many thanks go to Jorma Oksanen from Spain the first to donate to my site of "Max" for the unexpanded Vic 20.

Many thanks go to Ward Shrake from the US for donating the following titles. Astro Patrol, B-1 Nuclear Bomber, Blue Meanies From Outer Space, Car Chase, Fly Snatcher, Fox 20 (tape magazine) Volume Two No.4 and No.7, Freeze Factory / Character Assasinaton, Gone Fishing, Kosmic Kamikaze, Pak Bomber, Pox, Salmon Run, Slither,Squeeze, Sub Command / Missile Attack, Super Slither and Vic 21 Casino Style Blackjack.

Many thanks to Paul Le Brass from the UK for donating the following titles. Time Destroyers, Mega Vault, Minipedes, Punchy, Digger, Another Vic In The Wall.

Many thanks to Andy T ( Chief Rooter Outer ) from South Wales for his donation's of Subspace Striker, Mini Kong, Fire Galaxy, Tank Battle, Hopping Mad, Alien Soccer, Sword Of Hrakel, Innovative Casette 3, Jackpot, The Dungeons, Galactic Crossfire, Pacmania, Robot Mouse, Frantic,Riddle Of The Sphinx, Vicvader and Log Run.

Many thanks to Asbjørn Djupdal from Norway for his donation's of Strategic Advance, Impact Software's Games Pack, Impact Software's Star Trek, and Valley Bomber.

Many thanks to Sean Eaton from the UK for his donation of Vicmen, Galactic Games Designer, Tornado 20 and Breaker.

Many thanks to Paul Hurd from the UK for his donation of "Slicker Puzzle".

Many thanks go to John Talbot from the UK for his donation of Traxx, Mangrove, Envahi, Abductor, Bomber run, Supavaders and Engine Shed.

Many thanks go to Martin Fowell from Australia for his donations of Twister, Aztec Challenge, Biorythm Compatability, Blue Meanies From Outer Space, Car Chase, Deflect, Dracula, Fire Trek, Loan Analyser, NIM, Race, Hoppit, Type-A-Tune, Blitz, Space Math, Space Storm, Space Zap, Speed Type, Submarine, Ten Pin Bowls, The Sorcerer And The Princess, Touch Type Tutor, Touch Typer, Vic 21 Casino Style Blackjack and Vic Typewriter Word Processor.

Many thanks got to Lozza from the UK for his donations of Forbidden Tower, The Alien, Physics, Vic trap, Seawolf, Bounce Out, Vic Presentation Progs, Seige, Space Division, Turtle Graphics, Ski Run, Metamorphosis, Destroyer, Biology and 3D Silicon Fish.

Many thanks go to Niila T Rautanen from Finland for allowing me to include his scans and .tap files of Werewolf and Harvester & Brainstorm.

Many thanks go to Peter Saarinen from Finland for his donation of Tom Thumb and Chariot Race scan.

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