Below are alphabetical links to the games and inlay scans I have contained in the archive so far. If you know what you are looking for click the coresponding letter to jump to the page containing the files. If you do not know what you are looking for view the list of game titles that might jog your memory from your mis-spent youth.

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Cover Scans Needed !!!

See below for .tap files missing the inlay scans. If you can help out with any of the missing scans mail me please ! I want this site to be the most comlete Vic site on the net, I know I already have many titles not available anywhere else on the net but if you are going to do a job I believe in doing it right. Any help earns a position on the Thanks Page.

Software Needed !!!

If you can help me with any Vic 20 software software donations carts or tapes e-mail me and ill let you have my snail mail address :¬) and you will then be added to the Thanks Page.


Want to see the real thing ? well go here for piccy's of some of my Vic's

Feeling a little nostalgic ? download the Vic emulator amongst others from the Emu Page.

Have fun.......


Any Vic software donation's greatly appreciated.

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